Vel Vrs PTR Part 2 Argent Tournament

18 03 2009

Considering we have hit a big snag in both Ak and I playing on the PTR. This will take a bit to release. Damn Vista!

I wanted to head out to Ulduar but since I don’t have my guild there to test, I feel that my presence up there would be rather… Pointless. So I’ll let them test in peace. MMo Champs Videos are enough to give me a heads up on what will go on in there. I really don’t think I’ll be hitting that place up when it comes out any way.. I refuse to go unless I feel my guild is ready, and we all know I’m not in Premonition.

However, I am and Ak is going to continue (Once Vista agrees with Ak again) to work with the Argent Tournament. I didn’t want too much of a spoiler. I just wanna see the difficulty of the Dailies, and what I can get from the Quartermasters. I’ll also have to check out the priest changes. I know we are not going to get our AOE Shield witch made me shed a tear. Divine Hymm is going in and out like a good nights fun. However it was a bit of a useless spell. I couldn’t ever see myself using it.

From my understanding, you will only be able to get items from your own factions representatives. I went in to look and found that I could only look at items from the Exodar Quartermaster. Which is a bit of a let down. I wanted a MechanoPeep from the Gnomes, and i really don’t want another Elekk mount… please… no… I guess I’ll just have to see if they release it for people who are exalted with the rest of the Alliance factions. I think it should be that way, but that’s just me, at least.

To start, there are 2 types of quests here (I have yet to find out if one side of them are dailies rather then just one timers).

  1. Gladiator Jousting quests.
    • Supposedly you can complete 15 of these quests to up a rank. You start off as Trainee, and work your way to Champion.  As far as I could see, you have to run around on a pretty white unicorn and attack 3 kinda target dummies, in certain ways. For example: there is Charge Target, Melee, and Ranged. There is a trainer that will tell you how to take down each target and you move on from there. However, you can kill your pony! The Melee one hits for a good amount of health, so remember to put your shield up!
  2. Supplies.
    • Just like those who remember SSO (Shattered Sun Offensive) building stage. You gather materials from Crystal Song Woods. They already have the flight paths down to Crystal song Forest for both Horde and Alliance. For those like me who can’t really afford to got to Dalaran to do their dailies can really use these as a nice way to get them all in.

Supposedly this will be JUST like SSO. The more quests open as the Tournament Progresses. The more Jousting dailies you do the higher in rank you become. What will come from that, All I can see is that you get Tokens competing. These tokens are used to buy stuff from the Quartermasters. You can also get rep for the rest of your respective factions. So grinding low level quests or runecloth ‘turn ins’ should be a thing of the past for the 80’s.

You can also train professions and do their dailies from the AT. Which is a good thing for people who lack the computer power to hit Dalaran, and it all makes it kinda streamline as well. We lacked a bit of a clear path around Northrend to do all our dailies for a while. With Crystal Song added like this seems to add it to the mix. How ever I wonder what rep you would get? would You get Kirin’Tor rep like before or Argent Crusade? That is the question I have been wondering.

There are Hawt blood elf quest givers, Taurens riding on tiny white ponies, and you looking like a fool with your off-hand on your lap as you run around with a stick in your hand.

I have to admit, Hawt Blood Elf Quest givers is enough to move me to head up there and do my dailies. Maybe I can get Vel a date? (Akhellar would be so jealous though). They all seem to be rather easy just from a glance. So this means even classes that can’t put out a lot of Damage can still do them with no problem. Even though with Dual Specs that shouldn’t be much of a problem anyway.

With all this said! Let’s see some screenies, shall we?

Hot Quest Givers

Hot Quest Givers


Main Argent Crusade Tent


The Grounds from Above




Alliance Tent


Horde Tent

From what I see this is a good spot for every one to hit up. How ever, I do fear it when 3.1 hits. I might wait a few months to head up there since the simple fact of all of level 80’s hitting on area at one time, is always to hectic for me to stand. KSing..Ninja..griefers of all time seem to flock to these areas. Makes the air so tense. We will see





2 responses

18 03 2009

“I have to admit, Hawt Blood Elf Quest givers is enough to move me to head up there and do my dailies. ”

LOL! I loves dem belfs too. /drools over screenshot

I think there’s an achievement for becoming a champion of all your faction’s races, so it doesn’t make sense not to be able to visit all the quartermasters and stuff. I’ll be a bit grumpy too if the mounts are race-specific, especially after all the rep grinding to hit exalted with the Alliance. I mean, the hippogryph is my top priority, and I do like the Darnassus mistsaber, but those other mounts look pretty sweet too.

19 03 2009

From what I saw during my time there, the mounts have no race restrictions, kinda like it is now with regular faction mounts. Only faction restrictions apply (and here I was hoping to get a chocobo).

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