Akhellar’s Quickies!

20 03 2009

It’s friday, and contrary to my last “serious” job as a Computer Technitian, where fridays were hell and every person seemed to want their issues solved, here it is quite boring, so…I’m bored.

Waking up 2 hours before the time you actually have to wake up bites, and even more so if you notice a very nasty and sharp pain in your tooth that gives you problems to go back to sleep.

We have been out of gas for a week, can’t cook or take hot water showers, so it’s been a week of cold showers and take-out food.

The first season of the Knight Rider remake has apparently reached an end, being cut short by the NBC, rumors are saying either it gets cancelled and no 2nd season will be aired or they just cut the first season short to make a re-boot of the show at season 2. I’m REALLY hoping for a second season, I was enjoying it a lot.

Waiting on new episodes of Heroes and Smallville, and that’s all the TV I watch really.

As usual, I should’ve kept my mouth shut about being bored, I just got swamped.

I forgot to put a post break, so I am editing the post, heh.

Now about WoW…

I’m in love. The looks are enough!.

Death Knight tanking is really fun, have gotten some upgrades already and I am defense capped finally (shame on Ryal since he’s still not quite there).

New T8 bonus are revealed, I like the rogue ones, can’t quite decide whether I like or not the Prot pally 4-pc, and I love the DK’s set bonuses. About the priest bonuses I think they’re a bit too…blah!.

Akhellar got some shoes last night. Problem: With those and the recently aquired Mirror of Truth I go below the poison hit cap. Enchanting and gemming the boots for hit rating make me barely squeak by. Not true, I just checked, I’m at 314 Hit Rating 😛

Working on part 2 of the chronicles, I need inspiration (and no I don’t mean I need a wipefest with the guild, k?).

WoW Armory in spanish makes me giggle so much (silly translations).

We were warned of a probable event that would may put me in a position of power, we will see about that.




4 responses

21 03 2009

What sort of inspiration? Witty one-liners, good visceral descriptions of the despair, bitterness and hatred that comes from watching the disloyal jackasses who abandoned the guild and hamstrung it rewarded by whatever new guild they’re in, or just experiences?

21 03 2009

Talk about the DANK Ak, you know you wanna! Make a tribute to all the Dank’s out there 😛
Seems he only comes out with an artical if he corrects mine. I should get writing hmm?

21 03 2009

lol, I meant inspiration more along the lines of music to help me think, you know, more reading around, stuff to help me remember the recent past (’cause I don’t really believe there is present as such, since time is always moving forward and….well, I shouldn’t get all philosophical about that or I won’t finish this comment tonight).

21 03 2009

hmmm well maybe not what you’re looking for in terms of inspiring but I found this pretty cool–someone’s getting warrior gear made IRL


there are some photos a few pages in….crazy awesome stuff. =D

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