Welcome Back Miara

21 03 2009


I remember not to long ago I promised myself that I wouldn’t go back to healing. I have a soft spot for my guildies, it seems. I hope however I won’t regret it this time. I know the mocking in Gchat has already started since I still count myself as .5 rather then 1.

With what I just said, I want to make sure every one knows. I don’t HATE healing, I just hate being “forced” to do it, if it makes sense. In TBC I was the only healer who could solo heal the Mage tank (at Gruul’s Lair), and somehow I always had a feeling I kept the other healers “in-line”. I hate overhealing with a passion and I try to keep it to a 46% maximum. I only reached that high on mage tank healing. So thus if there was no healing assignments, I would raise hell and make them myself.

When I switched to Velun (my shaman) it seems like the healing got way too sloppy. King Maulgar became a pain in the arse, since we needed 3 healers on the mage tank then, and healing scattered randomly. I continued to keep my Priests on a short leash, until wrath where I no longer keep track of that stuff. I trained a few and some hated me for it, constantly nagging them about proper gems and healing rotations, and Greater Heal over Flash. A few however became rather great healers that now just need to learn a few things on their own. Such as: watching their surroundings AND the bars. Using bars more as a rear view mirror rather than the windshield.

I would never say I was a great healer, simple on the fact, the tank would always die 3 times before I got it, exactly, many wipes were my fault. I was never top of the healing meters and still refuse to try, nor was I ever bottom of the Over Healing charts which was how I graded my performance. I was always guilty of whining about other people healing my targets when I never asked for help, and I never clicked one button more than I felt was needed at the time.

Something however is different with me when healing then on my Shaman. I always ask Ak the same question “was I good?”. I donno if there is a hidden passion in me that I always run from, or is it that I know I suck at DPS so my healing must be the same way?

Besides the constant Mocking on how dwarf chicks don’t shave their legs, and the “We have 6.5 healers”. I feel like maybe I should give up and just heal. I have always been confronted with it, specially back in the days when Meara was my main. I have always wanted to tank but it just doesn’t seem to work when you have a Priest as an alt. I was so close once, but Agent Smudson ratted me out. I’ll always have that debate going in my head “The guilds short healers..maybe I should get Miara.” then the vicious cycle begins, of me trying to get an alt into runs but them always being short a healer.

Maybe if Blizzard would allow Race changes.. Things would be better? Hm.




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