Temporal Change of Pace

30 03 2009

I know, I know! I was supposed to have that follow up of the certain article by last saturday, but the weekend was quite weird with some events that had me playing from a different perspective.

First things first tho. There’s my Death Knight, who I leveled to 80 to just mess around with it and understand a bit of the class, as DPS, and who knows, maybe replace my rogue as my main AS DPS. Funny twist to the story, as Miara started hitting the 75’s and above, I started tanking with my DK (Voryan), and so it happened that he at least got Defense capped, in mostly blues (only greens were trinkets…).

And so The Crown needed a tank last thursday for Naxx-10. And so my DK got to tank Naxx (Off Tank actually), and as our Main Tank said, “we have a Fury warrior as MT and a Rogue as an OH, let’s hope it’ll go well” (he mainly goes as DPS but has grabbed quite a few pieces of tank gear).  Amazingly enough we cleared the place by friday, with almost the same team.

And I say amazingly because of the people we had with us weren’t exactly our top geared, but our fresh 80’s and just a couple of very well geared people (one healer and one mage). So that might mean the “new batch” of 80’s are better than a lot of the “veterans” in terms of survival/paying attention. We actually did Thaddius without crossing charges. Something Akhellar got in a run with only our 10 best. Long ago. Anyway, that ended up well and people got gear, I got T7 Leg piece and a necklace that were upgrades to what I was carrying.

Then Saturday came, and with it, my parents. They’re staying for 9 days (7 now if we include saturday), therefore I might be a bit busy, but anyway, they brought along Meara’s old laptop. That is relatively good because now we can play together during raid. Granted, it’s old and it’s slow, giving me a whopping 6 FPS in Naxx 25, but it’s better than sitting out there doing nothing.

After that, yesterday, the Crown did a 25 man run to Naxx, had to use PuG method (2 I think) but it at least happened. Quoting one of the officers, it wasn’t excellent, it was just OK. However!, yours trully got to go along with Meara (as Velun), and that was cool. But we didn’t get to match who’s got better DPS, because guess what? YES! Voryan tanked (erm, again, Off Tanked), and did a good job it seems, we cleared spider (one boss only as Anub and Faerlina were downed previously), Construct and Plague Quarters, leaving Military  and up for today possibly. And he got some upgrades to boot: This fancy nice cloak, a nice trinket and this nice chest piece (I know, wtf do I need block for, but no one wanted it).

Now, this is not a QQ post by any means, I actually am enjoying it a lot, tanking is a very different game than dps’ing or healing, and I had already done some tanking with my warrior back in the level 70 days, however, Death Knight tanking is a whole other story. While I feel that rotations are way more important as a Death Knight (and by this I don’t mean they’re not important as a warrior or paladin, because they still matter a lot), I didn’t have much of a problem with it, even playing at 6 FPS. And I’m quite happy to hear our main tank complimenting me for a job well done.

So, as things stand now, Akhellar is still undeniably my main character, but I have shown I can be a competent tank (and I believe I still am a very capable healer, although Deilanis is not 80 yet), and Voryan has the gear to be in stand-by if needed. Granted I won’t get geared as fast as others what with him being an “alt” and all, but at least I can help out some.

Now I only wish I could say the same about Ryal, who is still my prefered tank but can’t really progress as I’m too…shy? lazy?call it what you may, to get PuG’s to tank.

Anyway this has been going too long, short version is, tanking with Voryan has been great and enjoyable, and I hope I can keep doing it some more, but if not, I’ll always love my rogue and regardless of what happens, I’ll always come back to playing Akhellar.




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