April’s Fool on The Guild

1 04 2009


Mwahaha I’m evil.. I know what I’ll get out of Shibs though “/gag Omg!”

As got lack of posting lately. I have been vary “involved” with my guild recently. Besides the April Fools Joke (did something like this a year ago to my guild then, so they will know it was me. ) Funny thing is we are in the middle of some “Guild relations” 😛 wonder how bad I’ll be scolded!

Also working on a Post about making Light weight UI’s and leveling my Warrior in my spare time. (took me from Monday last week and till today) to get him 1 level. So that’s just about how much spare time I have been having.

I’m also tweeting now. So I’ll keep doing that once a day. 😛




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