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7 04 2009

Meara’s Randomness and lack of will to finish posts brings stuff she just felt like typing about… *cough* cause she’s lazy like that!

I know many of these have been out for a while now. I have been looking around the intarwebs for some interesting reads, and have come crossed a a few good ones I would like to point out to every one.

  1. Foofy’s Cupcake Factory
    • This one I watched all of her Moonkin raiding 101. It how ever really saddened me, since I left my Oomkin a while ago for the priest. However, it still feeds the feathery fattiness inside to see that they have come along way since I was a oomkin, Oomkin to Doomkin. I think that her videos are vary informative, they are not for total nubs, but for those people who are starting to get up there rather late in the game. Even though I had no clue of what Solar and Lunar rotations were, she explains them nicely, and I find video to be better then text any way, regardless of mic malfunctions. It’s also inspired me to do a little 101 shaman stuff. I think I have fallin’ in love with the Foofy. She makes hoovs look good. For some odd reason, I keep wanting to call it Foofy’s Fooffcake factory… donno why…*shrug*
  2. No Stock UI
    • I’m sure people have already herd about this one, since well it was done by *°*Matticus*°*. I do think it was something that was needed to be done. Damn you Matticus! You beat me to it! ❤ ya any way! This blog is new, (started March 30th, well was the first post) it has great potential to be a ‘go-to’ site for addon info and reviews. I bet if I had better spelling and grammar I could help out *puffs out chest in proud manly fashion* yeah right... I can’t wait to see what they say about full addon packs, and should I still release my UI building posts…? The site is great, looks great, and has good authors behind it (even though I’m not much of one for BIG headers). I will wait to see it blossom.

Other then that, I have been wondering why a few of my RSS feeds haven’t been updating. Might be because BBB changed his RSS feed… with out letting me know!

Heh, yea right Meara, B*3 isn’t going to let you know…your hogging up space for all the bear’s out there, we all know you wanted be Doomkin!

…shut up self…Wow, did I just do that…?

Nut job!

Shut up announcer text things!

… I think I need to slow down more when I type…NAH!!

Now on for some Vids! I love mashinima! More then sitting out side of Naxx on a Tuesday at peak times…defiantly, but not as much as cheese cake..*nod*

  1. Ulduar by Summergale

    Where to begin?  Voices are great besides one slight factor that had me kinda loos my sex appeal to the Death Knight (Gyal???). How ever, the Shaman has my pvp skills, uber leetness  (1337n3$$? heh, I tryed). I hope they release more of this quality.
  2. I love Raiding by Quix0tica and Decision

    defiantly agree with the video.. I love raiding! I love those crazy out of control moments where it all some how pulls it’s self together. Downin’ bosses and collectin’ the loot, and having freedom to mess around in the free time.

I guess with all those nice ones to watch I have time to go prepare for this weeks raids…and these brain stormes… Do think I should make it intresting for my self… *evil grin*




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7 04 2009

/look at space where kitty picture was
/point at Meara

Sorry, I guess I have to train her better…

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