3.1 and the Epic Fail

17 04 2009


Now, I’m not the only one out there with this problem. If your cashing on Emalon please check out this post.

Other then crashing in VOA every time I targeted Emalon, I increased my dps by…..500? almost 3k on target dummy with no hero, yay!

I already went threw and checked out all the talents. I know I wrote on a while back on the PTR about specs. I think I ended up going another way.

First test was this talent spec. I was in a big rush but I found a few errors in it that I didn’t pick up before. One being 1 point out of weapon mastery and improved Shields having all 3. Besides that for a 25 man raid this talent build was far to “mana conserving”. Improve Stormstike really shouldn’t be taking for us 25 min-maxers

When 3.1 (and I could get on to Sen’jin) I really debated with my self over two talents, witch really don’t mean much, witch was Improved Shields and Knowledge. Ended up going with this build.

I did manage to get 2 upgrades since I did the tests on the PTR, and of crose finally got expertize capped (gag). Can’t wait ’till I can finally get rid of this Hand of Nerub (can you say it’s sucky?.. cuase it is!)

Now I’m on to my other query.. glyphs…

Glyph Farel SpiritYour spirit wolves gain an additional 30% of your attack power.

Glyph of Lava Lash: Damage on your Lava Lash is increased by an additional 10% if your weapon is enchanted with Flame-tongue.

Or should I keep the ones I have. I know Lava Lash is probably the weakest of all the shamans Specials, but is 2% spell crit or 2% windfury poc worth it more then the Farel Spirit increase?

Witch normally if I had this kinda question I would hit Enhsim…but it crashes every time I hit “simulate” I guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashion way and get the glyphs and swap in an out (and put a hole in my pocket).

Well I think the glyphs I have are good.. I guess more EJ reading is in order.

However I got a bunch of pre-3.1 screenshots 😛


Yes.. we did that


Nakid 4HM run?


Dude Where's Me Mount!




That's one big *****




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