Achievements, Hard Modes, and Progression Part 1

23 05 2009


In this set of articles I am going to explain what I feel has changed and what can still be changed, and how I think it can be done.  Also addressingg some of the QQ I have herd around the intarwebz.

In this article I’m going to talk about the ‘ Raiding spectrum’. How raiding has changed. What hard modes and achievements have done to/for raiding.

Is every one happy? No, but I see more and more people complaining about one side of the story. One small bit inside of an encounter. A Raid instance is so complex is almost not even funny and it seems from the past 4-some years they are continuing to get far more complicated. There really is no single way to do things and there are no “tank ‘n spank”, only in one aspect.

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I have the best wife!

16 05 2009

Last thursday a certain item dropped, Velun won it by roll, however the next day it landed in my mailbox, she had put a GM Ticket for it to be given to me instead.

Calamity's Grasp

Calamity's Grasp

Thank you again, you’re the best!

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6 05 2009

ITS MINE MAWAHAHAHAHAHHA.. didnt get a screen shot.. BUT ILL DO SO TOMORROW.. and to celebrate I will spam Izzy’s mail box with sweets! MWAHAHA ~insert JawsMusic~

I donno how long I have been waitin’ for it to drop and it has eluded me thus far.. It dropped when I wasn’t on like 3 times.. was about to eat Ak’s face for it too.

Ulduar and Monkeys

4 05 2009

Ah what a busy time. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I want to let you all know I’m working on a few new ideas. One may or may not happen, and one will.

I would like to keep these idea’s to my self a bit more as a brain storm them and put them in to the works. As I am still rather shy.

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