Ulduar and Monkeys

4 05 2009

Ah what a busy time. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I want to let you all know I’m working on a few new ideas. One may or may not happen, and one will.

I would like to keep these idea’s to my self a bit more as a brain storm them and put them in to the works. As I am still rather shy.

I’m also working rather hard with my guild on Progressing threw Ulduar. It has been rather crazy and has made me think a lot harder about boss encounters. I would defiantly say they are much harder but more enjoyable then the T7/7.5 content. I know I didn’t get to see all of T7 content such as EOE or 3D, but it doesn’t bother me as much as seeing Yogg-seran dose.

We have had a few boss kills. here’s the screen shots!


Flame Leviathan


XT-002 Deconstruct


Iron Council





I am Vary proud of my guild. I think we have progressed rather far considering the fact we don’t really have a set progression group and we did barley any research on this fights before going in after them.



I have also been working in what little free time I have on my warrior … still. He is slowly coming up…slowly. I really do plain to tank with him when he gets up there, but I am not rushing his leveling, since it will syphon the rest of my free time away from my projects and chores. I have loved tanking since I took up a tank roll back on Meara. However, I have always been pulled away from it. I know I will be well behind the curve of every thing but that’s what I have my shaman for.. right?

Best Trinket in the game!

Best Trinket in the game!

I have been having a lot of fun on him, even with all the “L2P!” the game has been giving me as I am leveling. I guess it has prepared me for all the learning whips in ulduar. They don’t effect me as much as they used too. Going back to these basics and taking the game from a totally different perspective. Really makes me enjoy it that much more.

When things get stressful always sit back and take a deep breath. It’s a game nothing more then pixels and bytes!





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