I have the best wife!

16 05 2009

Last thursday a certain item dropped, Velun won it by roll, however the next day it landed in my mailbox, she had put a GM Ticket for it to be given to me instead.

Calamity's Grasp

Calamity's Grasp

Thank you again, you’re the best!

(Some people were a bit upset about this, however I must say there was a good reasoning for it:

  • First, she had won a weapon that same run -a second Angry Dread – and according to the rules, you’re given 1 item for main spec, 1 for off-spec, and 1 piece of tier gear per run, unless no one wants it and it is an upgrade.
  • Second, I had the highest roll after Velun, so even if she had passed on it that very same night, it would’ve gone to me.
  • Third, yes Idid win my T7.25 Helm off KT that night, however again according to rules, I’d have been eligible for the weapon regardless.

With those 3 things there I believe there’s no real good reason for others to complain, while it is true she might kept it had I not been there, it is also true this was not some sort of conspiracy to get me a weapon or anything.)





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