Shaman’s Double Edged Sword

9 06 2009

rmun7lWhat?! Shaman’s are going to get swords?! oh hell no.. besides most swords are not meant for shaman’s use. I wanna see titan’s grip before we can use swords.

There is something related to weapons that is in fact a “double edged sword” used in a figure of speech kinda terms. It’s called weapon speed.

To clarify this in a bit more technical terms.

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9 06 2009

So, not many things shake me to the very core of my nerd-self, but those that manage to get past the analythic part of my brain hit the emotional part. And I think that should be the goal of every game developer introducing a “serious” game trying to tell a story: to reach the emotions of the spectators.

So, while I was looking around blindly for addons at Curse and found a link to a certain cinematic trailer, I just middle-clicked it to open it in a new tab in Chrome, just out of curiosity. After I was done looking around the rest of my tabs (I often open way too many), I find myself facing this masterpiece of a Cinematic Trailer. Ladies and gents, welcome to the Old Republic!.

I have to admit it managed to get me all teary eyed and goose-bumpy with exciteness. So…I’ll just enjoy the moment and try not to think of what to do to get me a computer that can handle that kinda game, cause that’s a bit of a painful thought.

I proceed to embed the video here (assuming I have a clue of how to do that).