3.2 and We’z Back?

4 08 2009

Sorry for the silence around here, but we have been hella busy again.. that has been really keeping me from playing wow in general. For the large part, Ak and I wanted to prove to our selves that we were not addicted. Witch I’ll be honest, I never thought was the case. I just don’t have any thing better to do then to speed level up 21 alts…

Will we return to raiding? Probably not with our current guild.  With this new change to our lives. We pretty much have like 7 to 10pm to play.. well at least Ak dose. Being the loving wife I am, I go to bed with him. My current guild raids from 7:30 to about 12 or so. That just doesn’t work. Will I miss it? Hell yes! Specially with the Colosseum coming out. I think I’m just going to sit back and mess around with my Lock and Rogue for a while. Regardless of a lot of drama that has happened since my departure. I really don’t think I’m going to be leaving the guild, even though a lot of the people that did leave I became vary attached too. It’s kinda funny how All of the reasons I stay with this guild just ends up leaving eventually anyway. I will just step back for a while. If they decide to kick me, that’s fine with me. I know there is vary little shaman’s left in my guild.. but there was one person who could take my spot. He’s young and has more free time around those hours then I do.I think it is vary funny, that the day I actually want to play for an extended period of time… we have extended maintenance  ’till 5, my time. Fizzelsticks! Yes, my warlock gets her epic land mount and my rogue gets her first mount (I leveled her to 20 to wait for it).  I think right now I’d just rather play.

I guess You all saw this coming. MY take on the Shaman changes for 3.2?

A customizable totem bar will now be available for shamans allowing the storing of 4 different totems. These totems can be placed on the ground at once in one global cooldown for the combined mana cost of all 4 totems.

I think this is awesome for all 3 specs. Nothing like me rushing in to attack kologarn’s arm and having to wait till my totems are down and getting “POP HERO!!!!1” from various people threw out the raid. I almost blew a gaskit on several people for calling for hero.. it always happens while I’m getting set up.  Piffles!

Earth Shock: Redesigned. This spell no longer interrupts spell casting, but rather reduces melee attack speed by 10% for 8 seconds (exclusive with similar effects such as Thunder Clap).

I find this one to be rather on the interesting side… However it is nice along with this change.

Wind Shock: Has been renamed Wind Shear and no longer shares a cooldown with Flame, Frost or Earth Shock.

I don’t think every one really understand my bitching about the shock cooldown problem. it was always “I can interrupt and do damage.. or lessen my threat and interrupt? . . . Damage.” or how i could complain about having to interrupt in the first place. I’m rarely in the top 5 on the dps or damage charts. and when I have to interrupt . . .  The one hit wonder is always above me.

The big reason why I always complained about this was the simple fact is that most interrupts were not “included” in any cooldowns, including GCD(global cooldown) such as pummel, and kick. However in many cases I was forced to interrupt over an arms warrior. Since he “can’t” switch in to zerker stance..since it messes with his “damage”. well.. for all of you out there.. Interrupting Blocks about 50% of our damage out put.. I don’t think going in to Zerker as an Arms warrior would hurt you any more then that!

Other then that really nothing is too spectacular. I’m still really mad about the statement that “Enhancement shaman’s dps is where we want it to be, and elemental is too far behind” load of BS… It’s the other way around blizzard.

I should probably end this here so I have more to talk about later. I am also considering turning this is to a dual purpose blog..? maybe…maybe not.

May the loot gods give you plenty of epix!


Ps: sorry for any bad grammer and misspellings. I tryed to get them all my self, but my editor quit! 😦




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