Broken Gems and lil’ missy.

5 08 2009


With the resent change to the Jewelcrafters Gem’s I find my self with having to do some more math…  I had my self sitting before I left wow at 27 expertise with the Unleashed Rage talent… Now I’m sitting at 28 with out it… rawr? hardly. Besides the fact I lost most of my socket bonuses with the switch of Prismatic to color.

I’ll admit it.. I flamed the thought of me losing the functionality of Prismatic Gems. I really didn’t wanna load my self up with blue gems, since I really didn’t see any need for Ap+Stam gems. I would rather have put my Expertise gems in my Blue sockets and fill the Red up with agility and as I got more Expertise form gear, I would replace them with more Agility Prismatics.  Let’s be honest though, Socket bonuses just are not all THAT great. I know Ak with his Rogue doesn’t always fallow them any way.

So the question about this being a nerf or not? I dought it. It’s not what I have been doing nor the mind set I was in Pre 3.2 but I’ll cope… That’s what being a good gamer is all about. “adaptability”? any one?

What am I fearing about this change and me having to correct it? Going in to Dalaran.. We lost our only computer that can handle it… Nothing like moving at less then .5 frames per sec. Also the countless hours staring at and Chardev to figure out the correct numbers. So I don’t end up putting the wrong gem in an unoptimized spot. I’ve blown 600g that way… not pritty and since I don’t have time to farm gold any more.. even less pretty.

Lil’ Missy? nah no one ever calls me lil’ missy any more these days. I feel old. However I logged on to my Sham Yesterday after the realms were finally back up, I found a letter in my mail box. It was complaining about one of my Fellow Officers.. besides calling Him a chick. It was talking about how I needed to kick him from the girl for his “Questionable Language” Because it’s bad for our guilds image. After mocking him I just deleted the letter.

I wouldn’t kick any one from the guild on that consensuses. besides I’m not even the GM… One they never stated exactly what was Offensive about his speech. My guild has always advertised them selves as an Adult guild, and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I can’t say what’s on my mind the way I wanna say it and talk about inappropriate stuff. I just wouldn’t have any fun. Yes.. I have a dirty, vary dirty mind.

If he was cussing some one out in General chat and using racist terms etc etc. I would have defiantly voted for it, but come on people. Other people cuss. Get over it and grow up! If you can’t handle it go play hello kitty island adventure. And of cores send your complaints to the person who can deal with it, and don’t tell them how to deal with it, I don’t tell you to spank your children.





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