Getting back in the swing

12 09 2009


Whoa I’ve been so out of the loop lately when it comes to WoW. With All the moving and lack of net. sigh. Normally I’m on top of the latest news and gear going around. Most of the time I know what I want from each instance, but I really don’t even know what gear drops in TO(G)C.

What dose this mean for me? More math then I thought, but since I won’t be able to get WoW for a few more days. I suppose I have plenty of time to figure that all out before I relapse in to a 4-year-old addiction.

What did I do with my time before I had internet, phone, or TV, oh dear faithful Interwebz? Warcraft and simulators… but I only have a few. Total snewz zzz. For some odd reason I can’t get past one scenario in warcraft 2. Damn Alliance B*st*rds…wait…/clear throat

Since I already stated my interest in what has come in 3.2, which was really just the totem bar (Thank The Loot Gods!) .  I here the Enhancement shamans are still Sub par to Elemental Shamans.  Blizz still thinks they are on track. Explain the DPS difference then huh?! I get hazed all the time to switch.. I’m just not interested.

I was a tad bit concerned with the implementation of Axes for Rogues (That sounds kinda catchy). I loose a lot of good weapons to them as is. They want my fist weapons, then they wanted my maces. Now I have nowhere to run from them. Enhancement shamans really don’t have any gear to call thier own. After clear thought and meditation I realized there really isn’t much Axes I want any way… they can fight with the hunters on that one.

I wish they would give me a chance to snag a mace or a fist weapon, so I can push my DPS a tad bit and I wont me mocked as much.  I fear the day when my Raid Leader comes to me and says “your dps just isn’t enough Vel“. I don’t think a witty sarcastic joke would win me any props then.

As for the guild I am proud to say they have gotten down a lot of new bosses since my leave of absence. I still feel they are coming though, sooner or later! I just wish I could have been there for the epic first time kills.

I will probably be spending the rest of the time, playing on my little trial account mage (Ima gonna cry when I gotta give her up) and finding out what gear Vel needs. With the way loot works in my guild I wont be getting much of any thing for a bit (even though I think I can argue it  but I just wont). I’d rather just learn the fights, I don’t know.

For now, I’m off to play around on 2nd most visited site for me next to wow head. hehe!

Adios Interwebz!





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