Dailies, a love hate relationship

13 10 2009

Dailies Now that I have plenty of time on my hand with my recent departure from my ex-guild. I have been bored out of my mind! I have been left doing:

  • Dailies
  • Alt Leveling
  • Working on Off Set
  • Rep grinds
  • Professions
  • Achievements
  • and much more

I will admit. I have been making quite a good number of gold since I no longer have to pay the 100g repair bill (on a good day).  But who actually thinks doing those kinda things “fun”.  It’s kinda masochistic. I will be honest here, it really isn’t that much difference to do your dailies every day then to raid. Only thing that makes one better than the other is [Epics].

So how dose one manage to get these things done with out pulling their hair out?

Looking at the gold.

I find if I look at it any other way, I end up not doing it at all. Look at this, I’m not yet exalted with Sons of Hodir. Why? I hate their dailies. I have always looked at it as, I need to get to exalted. Rather then, I’m making 13g a quest, and plenty of meats, eternals, and grays to boot. So when I actually get down to doing them, I don’t watch my reputation bar go up, I watch my pickets fill.

Of course there are other ways to build up my reputation with Sons rather than doing their ridiculous dailies, that is if you want to spend days grinding any old Monster out in Storm speaks. Cause we all know 95% of your realm’s population is doing the same thing you are at the exact same time, unless it’s an ungodly hour, the other 5% is in your guild. Or Spend a good chuck of your change at the Action House to have some one do the work for you.

However, I’m cheap, broke, and lazy. Also a pack rat… /clear throat.

So I have stocked up about 400 some Uldar relics from the time I started doing Sons’ quests. I figure that I have about 2 more days of dailies to do before I can turn them all in to get exalted and then those half defrosted giants will be out of my life. Unless I manage to get back in to raiding.

Your Eye on the Prize.

Only way I can possible bring my self to do achievements is if it has something interesting. Such as the Skunk Pet. I think hes probably the cutest thing in wow right now. So, slowly but surely I’m stacking up other pets I find cute. (3 left! woot!)

I do like however that achievements really don’t have any item that effect’s game play. Such as Gear or the ability to purchase gear. I don’t think blizzard wants us to spend ungodly amount of hours on achievements.Witch people do any way, but if the BiS item comes from some kissing 2,000,000 random people. Only the stupid would go for it, we all know you can get the plague that way. Yep it’s called the “50-year-old-virgin-in-his-mother’s-basement-eating-hot-pockets” plague.

I also use this for grinding reputations such as the Wintersabers. (I wish they would make it as easy as the new raptor but any way). I keep my eye on that purple kitty…that I want to…okay that’s not right.. It looks cool we will leave it at that.

Don’t do it alone.

This same goes for a lot of daily grinding, achievements, leveling, and grading gold. Don’t do just one thing. If you really do wanna get that Epic Fishing pole. Do another reputation while your at it, or do a few achievements at the same time. Level with a friend. Having bigger number returns in more than just one area will make your task of killing 20 million furbogs less daunting. cause not only will you be getting a nice shiny purple kitty but you will also get a trinket of just sheer enjoyment value out of it as well, and an achievement to boot.

If your leveling alts. Grab friends or just talk over vent/teamspeak. I have had plenty of fun running friends alts through instances, or having them run me through a few. Or just picking on some one on vent untill I’m blue in the face.  It really dose take your mind of your mundane tasks.

Don’t Do it unless you really need to.

With the new championing from tabards has made these dailies much more enjoyable. Because well.. I don’t have to do as many, if at all, as long as I’m doing a heroic or level 80 instance.  Witch means I can hang with friends or meet new people along my boring path of redundant tasks.


At Least learn to laugh at others. Like Meleeing warlocks.

Later intarwebz!





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