26 11 2009

Sorry for the lack of interesting titles, but I really just can’t come up with an interesting one for what I have been doing since last post.

Lets start with the fact I got Sero to Northrend! Yay go me… and so I have spend countless hours looking up what to do with her next. I have to say that Shadow Priest and Lock have been probably the easiest to level classes, it’s almost boring.

Dot Dot Drain…Drain… Life tap.. start again. but well it’s fast and I’m showing a bit of interest in the class it’s self. I hope it get’s a bit more interesting when I actually have to worry about DPS.

I herd that affliction is the highest dps, but ranked one of the hardest spec/classes to play. I guess I’ll just have to check it out a bit more to come to a conclusion.

I also found out what Weight scaling is all about. I didn’t really get it all at first, but it took me looking in to level 80 warlock gear to really figure it out. I normally just threw any old gem in to my gear as long as it matched.  I guess it really doesn’t really matter all too much to the person who doesn’t care about 1/100 of a dps. But one should always try to maximize his/her potential right? right!

So I spent about 2-3 hours punching numbers in to both my cell calculator and my computer. Don’t ask me why both…. seemed more…productive. I can just tell you this.. I can’t effing wait till Cataclysm now. Not having to waste such time on trying to Min-max my gear will be a god send. I could have been doing something more productive like…. like…. watching cute puppies on Youtube! THINK OF THE PUPPIES! “/clear throat” What I ment to say was like using such valuable web space and time trying to maximize your UI or rotation, or even getting out of your chair.

And trust me a lot of UI’s I have seen… omg…how can you SEE?! all you see is your buttons.. damn..

Back to something less….yea..

Another thing I have been waisting my young life on is reading the Crap that players seem to drag in to the wow forums on a daily basis.

Witch just means that 95% of all complaining is QQ.

People complaining about the Stat changes in Cata (Cataclysm) saying it’s going to take the skill out of playing. Math isn’t a skill. Time isn’t one either.

People whining that Horde is Better then Ally.. or vise versa…

One class is OP… like Druids and Paladins.. Well… bout flippin time druids are.. and dammit why couldn’t I stay a druid… Any one wanna adopt a Bear tank?

That there dps is too low and so they roll Enhancement shamans, and use Fast off-hands and Dual windfury…
Sorry that one went a bit to ..personal.

Or Raid leaders who whine about one person not doing well enough. when they tend to put double standerds on you.
“I want you doing 7k dps….but don’t die, and dispel, interrupt, and run around nakid.”

but I guess the stupidity about people thinking other people are stupid.. or undeserving. Will continue to go on and on forever. At lest I get a good kick out of it!

Lastly I leave you rogues with.. I’m sorry you had to be come dinner! >)




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