So, I didn’t get in to the Beta.

14 08 2010

I found myself, like many people, waiting and staring at their e-mail accounts waiting for that “Cataclysm Invitation” letter, but of course all I got was spam mail. However, I have come to a point now that I really don’t care. I get frustrated by bugs and poor mechanic structure anyway. And there’s nothing like falling in love with something and then having it change on you.  So, I’d rather just read.

I have come to the final decision that I’m going back Badger Bear/ Oomkin Boomkin for cataclysm. Yea, I have been getting back in the swing lately, but have been ran into by being sick or in pain, or throwing myself back into that disappointment that I faced back in TBC. But as you probably have figured so far, I always find my way back to the Druid, some how. I guess my hindsight is too good. Memories of Dancing as a Boomkin in UBRS, I haven’t seen happier times since.

I have come to the conclusion I will do it as long as I try and trick myself into playing something else. We should play what we enjoy and what we are good at. If both fall into the same class, more reason to stay. To all those who told me “Bear tanks suck! Warriors and Paladins (now DKs) are better!” or “You should do something else Like Healing!” go fudge yourselves. The Happy Badger is here to stay!

Ak did make sure that I researched all my options. I’d have to say I’m not exactly pleased with the Bear changes but not discouraged either.

Talents look awesome besides Pulverize. There would have to be a few conditions to meet before it would be viable. Reason is Lacerate (Dot) at 5 stacks is a vary nice consistent threat generator.  To remove this, it would have to give you enough threat to counter the time rebuilding the Lacerate stack. (Lacerate Applying produces less TPS than that of Lacerate Dot). To me, this could be a really good Devastate ability for Bear tanks.  Applying Lacerate, you can continue using lacerate ability in your rotation, but use Pulverize in the form of a reapplying effect with extra threat and damage.

Wonder if I made sense saying it that way. I’m saying, still have us stack lacerates the old fashion way, but after we reached 5 stacks, we use “Pulverize” which instead of consuming the lacerate stack, reapplies the effect as if we smacked them with an insta-5 lacerates. Pulverize would only refresh, not add to the stack. Ugh, I’m probably sounding off.

I heard thru the grapevine that Tanks will be doing less damage in cataclysm which forces tanks to fight for threat. I agree with this, taking Less damage and holding agro should be the only 2 concerns of a tank (besides NOT standing in fire).

They also said that they wanna get away from the “Mashing buttons” problems of tanking currently. Honestly, I feel the only time I “mash buttons” is when I’m AoE tanking. Yep! Swipe + Maul(Glyphed) and maybe a Zerk + Mangle combo or all together. But single target tanking for the Bear to me is not per-say in any way Mashing. Having 6 abilities or Spells in your rotation isn’t really mashing, You still have to go threw a sequence of events to produce  a good amount of threat. But if they want to go down the route of adding more spells to our arsenal, have ’em Add to it, not take away!

How would this take away you ask? Many people along the grapevine have said this would be the rotation if Pulverize would be viable. Mangle + Faerie Fire (Feral) + Lacerate(to 5) (throwing in Mangle and FFF when off cooldown) + Pulverize. Rinse and Repeat. That’s less of a rotation that we currently have for single target tanking. It’s more “mashing” prone, and to be honest, boring.

I’ll stop complaining about this, It could change! Right?

Another ability that I was very excited to see was called Skull Bash. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but I guess we are moving in the right direction. Reading what it says, it seems like the they changed the old Feral Charge. And Split it in two spells. Yep, the the new Feral Charge will not longer interrupt the target.

I was hoping for a ranged Silencing ability like the rest of the tanks. It’s kind of annoying to be in UP. Pulling those groups before the last boss, you pull with FFF and duck around the corner, and watch the DPS run past you into the room with the mobs. Complete /faceplam.

It doesn’t hurt me in the way is I love my Feral Charge! To the point I use it In combat and just for kicks. (charging after being punted back, mid air, makes me a happy badger… really! Ask Ak!) It has set me on a coarse that says only good tanking classes have it! Yes, pig headed of  me to say something like that but well, what I say in my mind is fine. AND! I tank along side Ak quite a bit (he’s an awsome tank regardless of the class he plays so far he’s done Warrior, DK, Paladin, and dipped in to the Badger world just a bit) and his main tank is a paladin! The girliest of ALL tanking classes! (YEA! you herd me!)

Even though, there’s a lot of things on our Christmas wish list. I’m hoping at least a few will be answered some day. Until then, we will just have to continue to be as resourceful as we have always been.

Until next time!

PS: Besides being a Enhance Shaman or Priest just doesn’t tickle me enough to write about. 🙂