About Meara

Image by nexodyne.com

About Me:

well I hate typing this stuff since I do tend to rant a little too much. So I’ll be straight to the point. I fight over boxes with a guild mate of mine. I’m a self proclaimed Typo Queen, and don’t disappoint. I’m a altaholic, and trust me I have plenty. I don’t just do it cuase i think i can or for professions, I do it to learn about the class.

Toons (Click Picture to Get Armory Profile)

Alliance Side Sen’jin:

Shaman-Draenei-Female Priest-Dwarf-Female Warrior-Human-Male Druid-Night Elf-Female Hunter-Draenei-Female Warlock-Human-Female Rogue-Night Elf-Female


Favorite Quotes:
“… the dragons have chocolate milk …” – BRK RIP(made me giggle and think of Ak a little)

“After skimming this article, I must say that I personally find broccoli to be infinitely more palatable than cauliflower.” – Phaelia (Resto4Life RIP)( I agree with that statement!)

“Let’s get on with the hitting with me axe and the lewting of the phatz” – Ratshag (Need More Rage)


2 responses

1 03 2009

ITS MY BOX! And I mades a blog toos 🙂

1 03 2009

gasp it’s the pet!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! hehe where lemme see!

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