The Quest

23 02 2009

Another Comic like The Recruit but less graphic this time! I promis!

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The Recruit

19 02 2009

First off.. WARNING:. O.o; a lot of stuff used in the “twisted” way. So If you don’t like that kinda stuff I suggest you don’t click “read more” :P. If not be my guest and tell me what ya’ll think! I can’t belive I got this Idea from the song

Marilyn Manso – Tainted Love.. I guess it’s block 3. I also Know I PROBALY SPELLEDĀ  FEW THINGS WRONG. ::piffle:: If you understand it I did my job.

I do think I should have gotten The Name Killer a bigger desk….

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How About some More

22 06 2008

Even More Art it seems, I’ve been really bored. This time its Fayet, My Hunter, and Arilyie, Ak’s Frost Mage. Random Background. Didn’t wanna hunt for back scenes. Hope ya like it.

More Art

21 06 2008

Got bored while I was waiting for a raid to start, so I kinda threw together this. It’s of my Druid (In her Boomkin Gear, and Yes It Sucks) and Aemilia my soon to be Death Knight. Yea I threw a little bit of RP story in Aemilia’s Side. You an figure out what the its telling. šŸ˜›

Some Art here

20 03 2008

Just a quickie post. I have always said my wife has some good talents when it comes to design and editing of image files, any time she comes up with something new, it amazes me, specially if you consider the fact she has no major or any sort of education in this aspect.

Without further babble, I leave here her latest work, something she did for me but I feel like sharing.

The many faces of Akhellar

What is it? simply some of my alts, and my sneaky main. My priest, my rogue, my mage and warrior, mostly in their current gear, excepting the warrior, which does not have the Sun Eater…the son-of-a-biotch hasn’t dropped for my warrior….yet has dropped twice while being on my rogue, such is luck.

Anyway they’re sporting some …enhanced enchants designed by her, the rogue’s is custom, love the way she made it look like fiery poison dripping off the sword, the Mongoose version on the Sun Eater looks great, and the Soulfrost on the mage looks just amazing.

Thanks a lot Meara and hope to see more!.

Ah, yes…I’ll put it in my Skydrive and store it there. Here’s a link to the public folder for images (it opens in a new window).

Akhellar out!.