Top 10 WoW Moments, Twice!

21 06 2008

Another shared topic from Blog Azeroth by blogger Cathmor. This one has us taking a moment to look back at our past in WoW, and although I don’t really like living in the past, I also think it never hurts to look back and remember our past adventures. This is going to be a 20-top moments actually, 10 for Meara and 10 for Akhellar.

Level 30 meets Dreamwalker
I remember this like it was yesterday, I was standing on the docks of Dark Shore and I’m staring with my mouth open at a Resto Druid in Full Tier 3. Yes I was actually drooling a bit probaly. From that point on, I decided I was gonna be a Balance Druid and get that set. Well…at the time, I didn’t know I wouldn’t have gotten in to hardcore raiding guilds that were doing Naxx by being Boomkin, or the fact the Set was for Resto, but I wanted to Raid, I wanted to be cool and Look cool. All that never happened, but hey, I could dream right?

First mount
When I got my first tiger mount on my rogue I was so proud of myself and felt so accomplished, I remember grinding for a few, just sitting at level 39 while at the same time trying to avoid dinging. Then when I was tired of that I just went to do some battlegrounds, I ended up dinging while turning my 3 marks of honor, back then before patch 2.0 then rushing to darnassus to get my mount, and then just riding all over darnassus until Meara came back to the room (she had gone for a shower).

Healz Me Meara!
ZF stairway is the place for this event. I had never done any runs yet, so I had no clue what I was doing at the time, but hey, I had AK there with me and telling me what was going to happen. The only part I can really come up with a picture of what was happening, was Me standing on top of the Stairs in ZF healing the S**t out of every one. I pulled it off, no one died. I felt a big ego boost, but hey I’m not going to heal any more, it’s far to stressful.

First run to Stratholme.
I was with my second guild already, soon after hitting 60, and they put together a run to Stratholme, undead side. Now, at that point, the only runs I had before then were Deadmines (couldn’t get past Smite, hate PuG’s since then), SM but at a higher level than I should have been, and a very catastrophic ZF that didn’t go anywhere. So that was really my first group run. Anyhow, by the time we got to the room before Baron, where you fight the large amount of ugly abominations….my weapons were broken…so Akhellar had to smack a few of them with bare hands. Glad to say I’ve improved since then and I made up for it later on.

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