26 11 2009

Sorry for the lack of interesting titles, but I really just can’t come up with an interesting one for what I have been doing since last post.

Lets start with the fact I got Sero to Northrend! Yay go me… and so I have spend countless hours looking up what to do with her next. I have to say that Shadow Priest and Lock have been probably the easiest to level classes, it’s almost boring.

Dot Dot Drain…Drain… Life tap.. start again. but well it’s fast and I’m showing a bit of interest in the class it’s self. I hope it get’s a bit more interesting when I actually have to worry about DPS.

I herd that affliction is the highest dps, but ranked one of the hardest spec/classes to play. I guess I’ll just have to check it out a bit more to come to a conclusion.

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17 09 2009

Hello interwebz! I was working on some elaborate post but I took a brake to mess around with my new UI. I came along a post on WoWI. I wont link to the post.. since its pretty obvious and I found it on the front page, but I don’t wanna give any one at WoWI any greeph.. Besides.. I think they handled it quite nicely. So we will call the poster.. DephKnight and I’m at loss for words on his final paragraph:

“PLEASEEEEEE !! Someone do this, so sick of spamming several buttons and making decicions while in combat at the same time as I am supposed to read raid chat and answer and keeping track of healt/RP and what the boss does and what others do … As you can see it is an mission impossible for a human
to play a game that needs that much attention ..” – Def Knite

Like many other people at WoWI, I thought he was joking. In the post he was asking for a UI to act like a Bot. To basically do his rotation as a human would, while he did every thing else. It’s a shocking state to see this since well.. I do all those things with one hand behind my back and a sandwich in my mouth, while watching tv. Okay maybe not the Watching tv thing.. I tend to zone out when I do that. One replier did state it perfectly we will call him LeetMage

“I suggest turning off the TV shows. Stop trying to play your gaming console at the same time and just focus on your raid/group” – 1337|V|463

Thanks leet mage.. You rock!

MearaSigP.S. Can’t wait till I can play!!!!

Around the Intardwebs

7 04 2009

Meara’s Randomness and lack of will to finish posts brings stuff she just felt like typing about… *cough* cause she’s lazy like that!

I know many of these have been out for a while now. I have been looking around the intarwebs for some interesting reads, and have come crossed a a few good ones I would like to point out to every one.

  1. Foofy’s Cupcake Factory
    • This one I watched all of her Moonkin raiding 101. It how ever really saddened me, since I left my Oomkin a while ago for the priest. However, it still feeds the feathery fattiness inside to see that they have come along way since I was a oomkin, Oomkin to Doomkin. I think that her videos are vary informative, they are not for total nubs, but for those people who are starting to get up there rather late in the game. Even though I had no clue of what Solar and Lunar rotations were, she explains them nicely, and I find video to be better then text any way, regardless of mic malfunctions. It’s also inspired me to do a little 101 shaman stuff. I think I have fallin’ in love with the Foofy. She makes hoovs look good. For some odd reason, I keep wanting to call it Foofy’s Fooffcake factory… donno why…*shrug*
  2. No Stock UI
    • I’m sure people have already herd about this one, since well it was done by *°*Matticus*°*. I do think it was something that was needed to be done. Damn you Matticus! You beat me to it! ❤ ya any way! This blog is new, (started March 30th, well was the first post) it has great potential to be a ‘go-to’ site for addon info and reviews. I bet if I had better spelling and grammar I could help out *puffs out chest in proud manly fashion* yeah right... I can’t wait to see what they say about full addon packs, and should I still release my UI building posts…? The site is great, looks great, and has good authors behind it (even though I’m not much of one for BIG headers). I will wait to see it blossom.

Other then that, I have been wondering why a few of my RSS feeds haven’t been updating. Might be because BBB changed his RSS feed… with out letting me know!

Heh, yea right Meara, B*3 isn’t going to let you know…your hogging up space for all the bear’s out there, we all know you wanted be Doomkin!

…shut up self…Wow, did I just do that…?

Nut job!

Shut up announcer text things!

… I think I need to slow down more when I type…NAH!!

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23 02 2009

Ok can I get a coodie shot? XD

Well With this I learned that Mal and Izy from TTC Both BLOG! gasp!I love their name of Scribble Kitty (Or is it tastes like lint.. i like scribble kitty fits Mal well!). I SHALL add you to blog roll.. So here is thier taggy thingy.

Being the noob that I am I thought I had to post 6 screen shots.. Not The 6th screen shot in my folder. >>; Ak corrected me. Hes smart like that.

wowscrnshot_020509_1659321It was back when I Finlay got my Ambassador Title. O.o Was taking screen shots of them for this post. It’s my swift palomino. Used that thing until I got my Tan War Talbuk.

SO With that crappy screen shot! I will ADD my own Shiny screen shot of DOOM!

wowscrnshot_022209_023102When you know your Husband loves you. I dieded and he rezzed me! O.o; After I let him get eaten by a Devilsaur.

Me: Use your….
::watches Ak run away and he dies::
Me: Shadowmeld
Ak: Would have helped if you finished your sentence!

Well Iz got a comicz to post. I’ll go tag some one else and get to it!

Whoas we got Twisteded!

28 07 2008

Just a quick entry for now, while I work on typing the other bigger one. I was checking the statistics on the dashboard and I saw the url of one of the referers was none other than the Twisted Nether Wiki!.

Quoting Breana of Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick, the Twisted Nether Wiki is “like Wikipedia but just for WoW sites”, and it so happens that our sort-of-new-born-baby-blog is listed in the…uh…Blog List of said Wiki site. Pardon the redundances. Click here for a link to her post introducing the wiki.

This came to us as a big surprise given the fact neither Meara or I submitted Endless Gaming to the list, so, aparently, someone DOES actually read us and acknowledged our existence. To that person(s), thanks!. Now…this means we gotta post more…heh <.<;;

With that, I leave for a few hours while I do the lunch thing and other stuff.