Here’s the Ak

7 03 2008

Well I suppose it is time to do this, I’ve never been quite good at writing things….some time way in the past I was asked to write a diary for the school, to make a possibly long and full of rants story short, I used to fill the entries with something along the lines of “Dear diary, today I did the same as yesterday, bye.”

So ok, who the fuzz am i? I’m one of the mexican guys playing wow in US servers, I love the game and I love gaming in general, I’m a technitian for now, also for now I have quite a crappy job so whatever. I like computers, and although I can not fit in the nerd or geek category, I am a bit of both. So…being I like games, and are a nerd-ish/geek-ish, gadget-lovin, tech addict, I would guess that’s what one can expect from my posts, with a bit of ranting here and there, to spice things up a bit.

That was the sort of out-of-wow intro…i guess the who am i thing…
So, for WoW, I am an altaholic, so is not like I can just say “this is my toon, all cool”, more like, my main, the toon that first reached 60 back in the days of 60-cap, and the one I love to play with the most, is a night elf rogue, named Akhellar, after a nickname I picked from a story that developed quite….deeply but just in my head. Other toons I play often with are a level 70 human prot-warrior, a level 70 draenei frost-mage, a level 70 NE priest…ok that one is sorta retired now, and a level 64ish prot-pally, blood elf.

Oh yes!, I’m Meara’s husband 😛

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Welcome to Endless Gaming From Meara

2 03 2008

Yea, it might not be that attractive of a title for a gaming blog (or any blog at that) but we just couldn’t come up with any thing, and got fed up with not having a name for this place.

Pretty much the focus of this place is the stuff most of us, and I’m sure those who are reading this (if any) put countless man-hours in to. That Substance that drives all corners of our Emotions, that if we got payed 10 cents an hour to do we’d all be millionaires. That Frankly keeps us entertained in this day-in-age. Gaming, Every thing from MMO-RPGs to Frogger is allowed here. Even though I think our Primary focus will be World Of Warcraft.

I’ll Continue my rambling after the brake…

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