Welcome Back Miara

21 03 2009


I remember not to long ago I promised myself that I wouldn’t go back to healing. I have a soft spot for my guildies, it seems. I hope however I won’t regret it this time. I know the mocking in Gchat has already started since I still count myself as .5 rather then 1.

With what I just said, I want to make sure every one knows. I don’t HATE healing, I just hate being “forced” to do it, if it makes sense. In TBC I was the only healer who could solo heal the Mage tank (at Gruul’s Lair), and somehow I always had a feeling I kept the other healers “in-line”. I hate overhealing with a passion and I try to keep it to a 46% maximum. I only reached that high on mage tank healing. So thus if there was no healing assignments, I would raise hell and make them myself.

When I switched to Velun (my shaman) it seems like the healing got way too sloppy. King Maulgar became a pain in the arse, since we needed 3 healers on the mage tank then, and healing scattered randomly. I continued to keep my Priests on a short leash, until wrath where I no longer keep track of that stuff. I trained a few and some hated me for it, constantly nagging them about proper gems and healing rotations, and Greater Heal over Flash. A few however became rather great healers that now just need to learn a few things on their own. Such as: watching their surroundings AND the bars. Using bars more as a rear view mirror rather than the windshield.

I would never say I was a great healer, simple on the fact, the tank would always die 3 times before I got it, exactly, many wipes were my fault. I was never top of the healing meters and still refuse to try, nor was I ever bottom of the Over Healing charts which was how I graded my performance. I was always guilty of whining about other people healing my targets when I never asked for help, and I never clicked one button more than I felt was needed at the time.

Something however is different with me when healing then on my Shaman. I always ask Ak the same question “was I good?”. I donno if there is a hidden passion in me that I always run from, or is it that I know I suck at DPS so my healing must be the same way?

Besides the constant Mocking on how dwarf chicks don’t shave their legs, and the “We have 6.5 healers”. I feel like maybe I should give up and just heal. I have always been confronted with it, specially back in the days when Meara was my main. I have always wanted to tank but it just doesn’t seem to work when you have a Priest as an alt. I was so close once, but Agent Smudson ratted me out. I’ll always have that debate going in my head “The guilds short healers..maybe I should get Miara.” then the vicious cycle begins, of me trying to get an alt into runs but them always being short a healer.

Maybe if Blizzard would allow Race changes.. Things would be better? Hm.


Doughnut of Healing

13 01 2009

I guess I just have to stick my hands in to the doughnut bag here a bit, I love doughnuts… okay on to what I was going to type!

As you all know I’m still Priest class leader in my guild.. along with shaman…and webmaster… I have been really seeing this still. I know I’m going in to a topic that a lot of people have already talked about, I think I need to give my dozen.. (okay enough with the doughnut puns) I am watching my priests SPAM Circle of Healing. OMFG… Now My self I know the extremity of the whole COH nerf, but I’ll tell you I really… honestly don’t care. I was trained by a Vanilla WOW Priest. Where things where A LOT different. Where over healing was a sin, and grounds for castration. Even though I worked my holy prayers in the past and have  no real reason to go back to celibacy, Why should I care? I don’t care because I rarely used it.. It sucked my mana so dry… In my  head I was always wishing I had Improved Divine Spirit. Read the rest of this entry »

End of Raiding Week

14 08 2008

We have yet to get The Tuna down. For some odd reason however, I’m not mad, nor am I disappointed. 32% tonight seemed some what eventful even though we got him to 38% the night before. I know whats hurting us is not having a constant group the entire raid night but there is probaly nothing to do to avoid it.

I also want to talk Cracky (GM In my warrior post a few days ago, I think this one suits him a bit more.) Seeing if I can bum a few Nether Vortexes before he sells them off for repair money, so that if I don’t get the belt from ZA soon I can at least fall back on the Belt of the Long Road. Since I’m already planing on breaking the PMC Set. Thanks to Cynra and Wynthea for the bit of an insight on that. ❤ ya guys!