Vel Vrs PTR Part 2 Argent Tournament

18 03 2009

Considering we have hit a big snag in both Ak and I playing on the PTR. This will take a bit to release. Damn Vista!

I wanted to head out to Ulduar but since I don’t have my guild there to test, I feel that my presence up there would be rather… Pointless. So I’ll let them test in peace. MMo Champs Videos are enough to give me a heads up on what will go on in there. I really don’t think I’ll be hitting that place up when it comes out any way.. I refuse to go unless I feel my guild is ready, and we all know I’m not in Premonition.

However, I am and Ak is going to continue (Once Vista agrees with Ak again) to work with the Argent Tournament. I didn’t want too much of a spoiler. I just wanna see the difficulty of the Dailies, and what I can get from the Quartermasters. I’ll also have to check out the priest changes. I know we are not going to get our AOE Shield witch made me shed a tear. Divine Hymm is going in and out like a good nights fun. However it was a bit of a useless spell. I couldn’t ever see myself using it.

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Hey, the rogue is back!

8 03 2009

I should have named this “Of PTR’s, DS Gaming, Blue Penises and a Reluctant Macbook”, but I didn’t so yeah.

What’s been up? Not much, first there was that mean issue with instances booting people offline, issue that affected us a lot during a full week. There is no news about it that I can see, but last night I ran Naxx 25 for the first time since that awful week and had no problems, so I’m hoping that issue got fixed finally.

Also we had ISP issues of our own, a week after those instance problems showed up, we started to have several continuos disconnects, not only from WoW but our internet overall kept going down, it was an issue with the conexions physically, that one is definitely fixed and we’ve been enjoying our full 2mbps since then, yay!.

While that whole internet-losing ordeal was going on, I decided to sit back and play some NDS games I had laying around there. I’ve been having a blast with some various games and I may make a post about those individually, but for now, I’m still playing them when I have the time (mainly while Meara is playing WoW and my brother is using the other computer).

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Vel VS. PTR 3.1 Part 1 Shaman Changes

5 03 2009

~ For those of you who saw this on the RSS Feed and on the Site before this updated on was Publish I appologize for it becuase I accsadently hit the Publish Button when my bother in law came home and I had to switch computers. SORRY!

So Yea I have Finlay decided to hit the PTR. Normally I try to avoid it since I don’t like to get exited about something before it’s release.  How ever there was so much hype about it I had to dig my fingers and beat up a few Target Dummies to see the changes it would do to my shaman. I love to theory craft so I figured it would be a fun experience as long as I stay away from Ulduar.

Ill Brake this bost since its a Loooong one.

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