PvP vs Raid as Subtlety

31 07 2008

~ By Akhellar

Alright, this one piece is about my personal thoughts about PvP’ing and Raiding as Subtlety spec, so if you were looking for a guide of sorts about pvp and said talent build, this isn’t it.

Ok, so I decided that, since I epically fail at PvP, yet three of the people in the guild have asked me to join their 2v2 Arena team, I’d give Subtlety build a spin, also, I was very interested in seeing how Cheat Death works now (not that I had tried it pre-“nerf”, mind you). So I went and blew 20 gold to reset my talents, got my daggers out of my bank, and went off to Warsong Gulch.

After a short time of running around and whacking hordies here and there. It was interesting to see how my own style of playing changed so much compared to when I was combat and I was surprised to see how well I actually adjusted to the difference between builds.

Anyway, I’ll put a break here and go on full out after the break.

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