Hey, the rogue is back!

8 03 2009

I should have named this “Of PTR’s, DS Gaming, Blue Penises and a Reluctant Macbook”, but I didn’t so yeah.

What’s been up? Not much, first there was that mean issue with instances booting people offline, issue that affected us a lot during a full week. There is no news about it that I can see, but last night I ran Naxx 25 for the first time since that awful week and had no problems, so I’m hoping that issue got fixed finally.

Also we had ISP issues of our own, a week after those instance problems showed up, we started to have several continuos disconnects, not only from WoW but our internet overall kept going down, it was an issue with the conexions physically, that one is definitely fixed and we’ve been enjoying our full 2mbps since then, yay!.

While that whole internet-losing ordeal was going on, I decided to sit back and play some NDS games I had laying around there. I’ve been having a blast with some various games and I may make a post about those individually, but for now, I’m still playing them when I have the time (mainly while Meara is playing WoW and my brother is using the other computer).

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I hate doing this…

27 03 2008

…every time a client comes and asks to have their installed O.S. changed from Vista to XP. Granted, both are bad choices but also is an understatement the ease of use of XP for people that have already years using it and can’t adapt quick to the change.

Also sucks big time when your PC has 512 mb RAM, something usual for most of the clients wanting to change the OS.

I have done the uninstalling and re-installing dance several times now, the hunt for drivers and the testing of several driver packages until one works. And I have to say, it’s getting harder every time, and I’m really hating it lately.

It used to be a matter of a couple hours, I’d search for the drivers while XP got installed, and then just keep searching while the rest of the software the client asked for also got installed. In the end I had the drivers and the PC working perfectly. Now…it’s been two days of extensive search and try, trial and error, and back to the search.

So in short, it’s a rant, it’s a QQ of how hard it has become to install drivers in a simple laptop, that comes with 512MB and preloaded with Vista, yes, I’d be dying to switch it to XP if it had only 512mb, and shared 128 mb of Video…why do they sell laptops like that with Vista preloaded anyway? if the minimum is 1GB of ram, why not preload Vista but still develop drivers for the old OS?, damn…well that’s not the case here so yeah, I’m stuck with a Compaq Presario v3619la that already has been formatted with XP, but am missing the Chipset and modem drivers, after the second day of looking.

And then again, why do people buy their computers with Vista if they’ll swap it for XP in a day? 😛 just makes my life hard.

Anyway, back to the testing of files,
Ak out.

Edit: Yeah another rant – the fugging size of the drivers!!, 100MB!? come on!!.