Not Expected

12 08 2008

Thelin at 35 dreaming of that for his mount

Warrior Nub Talk by Meara, Who didn’t send it in for spell check! MAWAHAHA!!

Now something I have always wanted to do but after a few attempts. Yes Judging by the picture… A Female leveling a Male toon?! Meara must be playing on Ak’s Account!!! Nah that’s not whats going on. I have a Level 60 male hunter on Nazgral So level men is something I have come to endure a bit. What I’m talking about is actuality leveling a Melee class! YES! After countless times I have asked the same question to Ak, “So if I have a lot of Expertise dose it mean I don’t need Hit Rating?” and Agent Shmud telling me “Maces are better for damage simply because of the higher low weapon damage and higher high weapon damage!”

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