17 09 2009

Hello interwebz! I was working on some elaborate post but I took a brake to mess around with my new UI. I came along a post on WoWI. I wont link to the post.. since its pretty obvious and I found it on the front page, but I don’t wanna give any one at WoWI any greeph.. Besides.. I think they handled it quite nicely. So we will call the poster.. DephKnight and I’m at loss for words on his final paragraph:

“PLEASEEEEEE !! Someone do this, so sick of spamming several buttons and making decicions while in combat at the same time as I am supposed to read raid chat and answer and keeping track of healt/RP and what the boss does and what others do … As you can see it is an mission impossible for a human
to play a game that needs that much attention ..” – Def Knite

Like many other people at WoWI, I thought he was joking. In the post he was asking for a UI to act like a Bot. To basically do his rotation as a human would, while he did every thing else. It’s a shocking state to see this since well.. I do all those things with one hand behind my back and a sandwich in my mouth, while watching tv. Okay maybe not the Watching tv thing.. I tend to zone out when I do that. One replier did state it perfectly we will call him LeetMage

“I suggest turning off the TV shows. Stop trying to play your gaming console at the same time and just focus on your raid/group” – 1337|V|463

Thanks leet mage.. You rock!

MearaSigP.S. Can’t wait till I can play!!!!


Broken Gems and lil’ missy.

5 08 2009


With the resent change to the Jewelcrafters Gem’s I find my self with having to do some more math…  I had my self sitting before I left wow at 27 expertise with the Unleashed Rage talent… Now I’m sitting at 28 with out it… rawr? hardly. Besides the fact I lost most of my socket bonuses with the switch of Prismatic to color.

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3.2 and We’z Back?

4 08 2009

Sorry for the silence around here, but we have been hella busy again.. that has been really keeping me from playing wow in general. For the large part, Ak and I wanted to prove to our selves that we were not addicted. Witch I’ll be honest, I never thought was the case. I just don’t have any thing better to do then to speed level up 21 alts…

Will we return to raiding? Probably not with our current guild.  With this new change to our lives. We pretty much have like 7 to 10pm to play.. well at least Ak dose. Being the loving wife I am, I go to bed with him. My current guild raids from 7:30 to about 12 or so. That just doesn’t work. Will I miss it? Hell yes! Specially with the Colosseum coming out. I think I’m just going to sit back and mess around with my Lock and Rogue for a while. Regardless of a lot of drama that has happened since my departure. I really don’t think I’m going to be leaving the guild, even though a lot of the people that did leave I became vary attached too. It’s kinda funny how All of the reasons I stay with this guild just ends up leaving eventually anyway. I will just step back for a while. If they decide to kick me, that’s fine with me. I know there is vary little shaman’s left in my guild.. but there was one person who could take my spot. He’s young and has more free time around those hours then I do. Read the rest of this entry »

Shaman’s Double Edged Sword

9 06 2009

rmun7lWhat?! Shaman’s are going to get swords?! oh hell no.. besides most swords are not meant for shaman’s use. I wanna see titan’s grip before we can use swords.

There is something related to weapons that is in fact a “double edged sword” used in a figure of speech kinda terms. It’s called weapon speed.

To clarify this in a bit more technical terms.

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Achievements, Hard Modes, and Progression Part 1

23 05 2009


In this set of articles I am going to explain what I feel has changed and what can still be changed, and how I think it can be done.  Also addressingg some of the QQ I have herd around the intarwebz.

In this article I’m going to talk about the ‘ Raiding spectrum’. How raiding has changed. What hard modes and achievements have done to/for raiding.

Is every one happy? No, but I see more and more people complaining about one side of the story. One small bit inside of an encounter. A Raid instance is so complex is almost not even funny and it seems from the past 4-some years they are continuing to get far more complicated. There really is no single way to do things and there are no “tank ‘n spank”, only in one aspect.

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Vel Vrs PTR Part 2 Argent Tournament

18 03 2009

Considering we have hit a big snag in both Ak and I playing on the PTR. This will take a bit to release. Damn Vista!

I wanted to head out to Ulduar but since I don’t have my guild there to test, I feel that my presence up there would be rather… Pointless. So I’ll let them test in peace. MMo Champs Videos are enough to give me a heads up on what will go on in there. I really don’t think I’ll be hitting that place up when it comes out any way.. I refuse to go unless I feel my guild is ready, and we all know I’m not in Premonition.

However, I am and Ak is going to continue (Once Vista agrees with Ak again) to work with the Argent Tournament. I didn’t want too much of a spoiler. I just wanna see the difficulty of the Dailies, and what I can get from the Quartermasters. I’ll also have to check out the priest changes. I know we are not going to get our AOE Shield witch made me shed a tear. Divine Hymm is going in and out like a good nights fun. However it was a bit of a useless spell. I couldn’t ever see myself using it.

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The hardships of a Enchance shaman

3 03 2009

There are many hardships that I have seen as an Enchance shaman from the short few months I have been playing. Many people will probably disagree with me, but hear me out. I feel there is nothing wrong with the spec it’s self. Maybe a few things that can be changed but over all if worked at hard and well, can a Enhance shaman really shine.

Besides looked apon like a back up healer. Please people out there who don’t play Enhance Shamans please understand this. With out heavy healing gear could a Enhance shaman really have the edge needed to do some things that a normal healer can put out. Here’s why:

  1. Our mana reagen is based of melee attacks, Hence Shamanistic Rage. With this attacking shamans pretty much never run out of mana. It’s our main sours of mana, other then that it’s replenishments from other classes, like paladins Judgment of Wisdom. Yes, Water Shield dose help, but remember it is only 100MP5. You would think that’s a lot, but most of our stat based mana reagen comes from our Intellect, since we don’t have a need for spirit, or getting MP5 from the Attack Power gear we are wearing. Nor are we speced in to it, a true enhancement shaman is speced in to Imp. Shield. Witch only increases the amount givin by orbs, rather then the bace return.
  2. Our cast times are much longer then a Resto Shamans. Since well we aren’t speced in to any “Resto” talents. My opinion is that going elemental will up an Enhancement shamans DPS by far.
  3. Spell power is vary low. We get it maybe from people like me who still have a Spell damage trinket  because we keep loosing our rolls on the Grim Toll and the Sphere of the Red Dragon’s Blood and from our Attack power. It never gets more then maybe 700 though versus 2000 like a full fledged healers are packing.

Of cruse a Enhance Shaman with a Decent healing set could pull the job off and well. I for instance don’t carry my healing set with me since it’s a collection of level 70 epic elemental stuff and a few blues I’ve picked up along the way. I’m not really going out of my way to get a healing set. Since I have no want to heal as my shaman. Other people need to understand that not only do some people enjoy to play the class, they enjoy to play the spec. Enough said :).

One other hard ships the shaman face in this day-in-age. Is gear, there is plenty of hunter gear for us to roll on and rub in the hunters face, or getting that shiny fist weapon that we then flaunt in the rouges. The main reason why Hunter gear really isn’t “optimized” for both parties is one simple key. EXPERTISE. Hunter’s who get stuff with expertise is either 1. A little confused 2. can’t find any thing better, and 3. huntarded. really the only place i get expertise from is Rings Sets and Necks. Maybe there’s a bit on a weapon or so, but hitting Expertise capped for Shamans is a bit on the hard side with out being all “best in slots”. I have this Ruthlessness for instance. I felt bad taking it out from under the Paladins and Warriors (even though I didn’t even roll or say any thing and got it) but they’re rolling on any thing with AP these days. Want me to stay away from your STR? Stay away from my Agi! It was one of the only rings I have seen yet that has Expertise on it. Actually there is only the Hemorrhaging Circle that has Expertise on it and agi. Sigh!

I’m starting to think that maybe they need to change Spirit weapons to not Incresase my parry but increase my Expertise instead… What Enhancement shaman is tanking this day-an-age? I guess we will just have to wait for that blue post from Ghost Crawler that says

Spirit Weapons Was:

Gives a chance to parry enemy melee attacks and reduces the threat generated by your melee attacks by 30%.

Now Is:

Increases the shamans Expertise rating by 6 and reduces the threat generated by your melee attacks by 30%.

Hehe I would worship him for that kinda message. So I guess I’ll just pray for that day along with “Spirit Wolves (Feral Spirit) DPS will now scale with the Shamans Attack Power, How ever Healing effect will not change“.  I can dream can’t I?