Achievements, Hard Modes, and Progression Part 1

23 05 2009


In this set of articles I am going to explain what I feel has changed and what can still be changed, and how I think it can be done.  Also addressingg some of the QQ I have herd around the intarwebz.

In this article I’m going to talk about the ‘ Raiding spectrum’. How raiding has changed. What hard modes and achievements have done to/for raiding.

Is every one happy? No, but I see more and more people complaining about one side of the story. One small bit inside of an encounter. A Raid instance is so complex is almost not even funny and it seems from the past 4-some years they are continuing to get far more complicated. There really is no single way to do things and there are no “tank ‘n spank”, only in one aspect.

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Temporal Change of Pace

30 03 2009

I know, I know! I was supposed to have that follow up of the certain article by last saturday, but the weekend was quite weird with some events that had me playing from a different perspective.

First things first tho. There’s my Death Knight, who I leveled to 80 to just mess around with it and understand a bit of the class, as DPS, and who knows, maybe replace my rogue as my main AS DPS. Funny twist to the story, as Miara started hitting the 75’s and above, I started tanking with my DK (Voryan), and so it happened that he at least got Defense capped, in mostly blues (only greens were trinkets…).

And so The Crown needed a tank last thursday for Naxx-10. And so my DK got to tank Naxx (Off Tank actually), and as our Main Tank said, “we have a Fury warrior as MT and a Rogue as an OH, let’s hope it’ll go well” (he mainly goes as DPS but has grabbed quite a few pieces of tank gear).  Amazingly enough we cleared the place by friday, with almost the same team.

And I say amazingly because of the people we had with us weren’t exactly our top geared, but our fresh 80’s and just a couple of very well geared people (one healer and one mage). So that might mean the “new batch” of 80’s are better than a lot of the “veterans” in terms of survival/paying attention. We actually did Thaddius without crossing charges. Something Akhellar got in a run with only our 10 best. Long ago. Anyway, that ended up well and people got gear, I got T7 Leg piece and a necklace that were upgrades to what I was carrying.

Then Saturday came, and with it, my parents. They’re staying for 9 days (7 now if we include saturday), therefore I might be a bit busy, but anyway, they brought along Meara’s old laptop. That is relatively good because now we can play together during raid. Granted, it’s old and it’s slow, giving me a whopping 6 FPS in Naxx 25, but it’s better than sitting out there doing nothing.

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LLS What?

19 01 2009

Well, I’m trying to post more often but I guess I just have to finaly admit to my self I’m never going to be a frequnt poster :P. Guess it dosn’t matter much any way.

So what have I been up too? I have been getting realy well geared. I’m almost both hit and expertize caped on Vel. Verina is level 70 now, and I’m working on Miara again.

We have just gotten down Thaddius in 25man NAXX. It surpizes me a lot how a simple fight can be taken so complicated-ly, or be so underestimated. I love that fight, it’s pritty much welfare epics. Not hinting blizz to make it any more difficalt. My guild had been stuggeling on it for about 2 weeks. It gose to show why raiding guilds have Vent/Teamspeak for a reason. Plus addon requierments like Omen/DBM(bigwigs).

I wasn’t there for the Epic take down since my router has been giving me LLS (Ledgendary Lag Syndrom). To the point I disconnect at lest once a fight if at all, or focing me to play with a 700-900 latency. Ak and I know it’s the router since we tryed to plug in threw LAN and there was NO lag, what so ever. Odd enough it seems to be always during raid times. BAH! We should get it fixed soon or some heads will roll.

Will not be raiding next week since he has been leting me raid the last two weeks. I will be ancy to raid but it just seems like this time it’s going to have to be like that. I guess it will give me time to work on my reputations. I just hit Honored with Sons, and well I don’t even have enough Gold to by my shoulder glyph, and I’m half way to revered with Ebon Blade for my head glyph, but that will take me a few days or so. Plus they annoy me. Not having an Epic Flying mount in Wrath is a pain in the arse. *shrug* Some day Vel will get it but right now I got 5 alts to level. Hehe.

To Apply or not to apply

30 08 2008

I will summarize the post here, in case you do not wish to read my rant: So, in short, my question is, should a guild, striving for progression, yet having difficulty fielding our raids due to low attendance, be recruiting via Rigid application forms? or should it be done via trial runs?. Keep in mind trial run doesn’t mean a quick heroic run, it means one of our 25-man raids, or perhaps a Karazhan run.

~~~ Warning: Guild Drama Follows ~~~
(Actually I think I avoided typing about the drama but you be the judge of that)

I was calmly enjoying myself in Alterac Valley, not really bothering myself to care if we won or lost. Just toying around with Azrael’s doing some PvP as protection, reflecting a few Pyroblasts and Shield slamming faces to the ground. Well…alright, maybe not that much. Anyway, after a few minutes of me joining a battleground, our GM asks in Guild Chat if any officers have checked out our new applicant on the guild’s website.

After slamming some more skulls with Azrael’s shield – Ok, I was at the spirit healer – I went and checked out the Application, finding some issues I disliked about the applicant.

A bit of background information about the guild is needed first, I believe. Back when we started, we had a sudden rush of people joining us, and our application form was more a way to let us know someone wanted in the guild, than an actual application. After a few too many times of the guild’s core of raiders running people through Karazhan time after time, gearing the new recruits to a point where they could be of help on our 25-man raids, specifically, on SSC and The Eye, since our “core” was strong and consistent enough to carry a few undergeared people on Gruul, and even Magtheridon’s Lairs.

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End of Raiding Week

14 08 2008

We have yet to get The Tuna down. For some odd reason however, I’m not mad, nor am I disappointed. 32% tonight seemed some what eventful even though we got him to 38% the night before. I know whats hurting us is not having a constant group the entire raid night but there is probaly nothing to do to avoid it.

I also want to talk Cracky (GM In my warrior post a few days ago, I think this one suits him a bit more.) Seeing if I can bum a few Nether Vortexes before he sells them off for repair money, so that if I don’t get the belt from ZA soon I can at least fall back on the Belt of the Long Road. Since I’m already planing on breaking the PMC Set. Thanks to Cynra and Wynthea for the bit of an insight on that. ❤ ya guys!

Lurker the Big tuna

13 08 2008

~ Meara Whining as usual 😛

This Big fish is really starting to annoy me. We actually had some what of a good raid. People actually got down to business. I guess from the lack of raiding the past week we are all demanding a bit too much. We actually PUGGED SSC and had a better run than we had been having.

I’m not sure if its embarrassing or I should just be happy to raid… Maybe a little bit of both. We had at least our dedicated there.

While clearing trash I think I almost cried we had 1 death and just a bit of chatter, that was nice. So besides the 5 pugged it was a nice run. Brought back a lot of memories of Pre-BC raids.

Even with the lack of attendance (which seems to be hitting Sen’jin from t6 down the chain). What I’m wondering, is it Burn out or Expansion blues? Guess we will never know, even thought seems TTC is going to have a bit of a clean up.

I just don’t think I can stand Idiling while waiting to go in SSC and then doing Kara is something I can take any more. My dreams have already been raped. I know now I’ll never get to play around in at least BT or 1 piece of t6 before WotLK. I guess I’ll just have to accept it, but it doesn’t make me happy. I already had to wave bye to Old Naxx now SWP. Soon I’m guessing I’ll have to wave bye to the Lich King him self “See ya later cuase I aint knockin’ on your door untill level 200!”

PvP vs Raid as Subtlety

31 07 2008

~ By Akhellar

Alright, this one piece is about my personal thoughts about PvP’ing and Raiding as Subtlety spec, so if you were looking for a guide of sorts about pvp and said talent build, this isn’t it.

Ok, so I decided that, since I epically fail at PvP, yet three of the people in the guild have asked me to join their 2v2 Arena team, I’d give Subtlety build a spin, also, I was very interested in seeing how Cheat Death works now (not that I had tried it pre-“nerf”, mind you). So I went and blew 20 gold to reset my talents, got my daggers out of my bank, and went off to Warsong Gulch.

After a short time of running around and whacking hordies here and there. It was interesting to see how my own style of playing changed so much compared to when I was combat and I was surprised to see how well I actually adjusted to the difference between builds.

Anyway, I’ll put a break here and go on full out after the break.

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