From Inside the Raid: Pre-Expansion Blues Already?

9 05 2010

From Inside the Raid is well my therioy crafting that takes place while I’m in a raid. Hopefuly I get it done with all bad jokes and sex talk. From Inside the Raid also comes via Itouch. So I’ll try to correct some of the spelling, but well Ipod spell check is a bit, Lacking. And YAY for random Screen shot, we where actualy on Blood Queen, was too busy typing to take a screen shot of that though. >>; and don’t mind my DPS.. that was from a fail attempt.

One thing I have always hated was waiting around for raids to start.

I knew that pre expac blues were coming. I never thought that it would start six months before.

So the teal question is; why?

Are other realms feeling this too?

Well in thought this could be more then just pre-expansion blues.

I, myself, am feeling rather borde of the current icc. 25s are just for gear and 10s are for progresstion. Well, yes the idea is to progress threw 25s as well but there is less headache in 10s as we all should know.

Besides some encounters are easier in 10s than 25s and Vic verse. Running both in one week dose seem to make this less enjoyable.
Anyway that dissution is for another post.

Back to the topic. What are all the possibilities that could make a guild or a realm drop in population?

  1. Fatige. My biggest poblume with this expantion. At frist blizz had the idea. 1 big raid and 3 siders. After that we only had 1 true raid. This leaves out options, thus in the end
    raiding becomes mundain.
  2. Holiday. When things that involve out door activies, most big winter holidaies and all of summer holidaies.
  3. The release of something that will put all that has been done up untill that point pointless. Like, normaly but not sacluded to expantions. ‘cuase why continue to work for somthing when it
    well be unessisary.
  4. Extream failure. This is normaly only effects raids. Normally regards progression nights.

Like all guilds, I think, the last one could be put on us. It’s purly up to the person to deside how much “failire” (Yes, those are really sapposed to be Air Quotes…) one can take.

The biggest reason I think this is happaning is becuase too much ICC. I mean, at least for myself, I raid at least…(Moment to count) 5 nights a week. 3 in 24s and 2 in 10s.
So for Icc bordum I think that’s at least the biggest case. I wish there was more todo these days.

That’s it for today.

Oh the biggest reason there hasn’t been any posts for a while is becuse they get to about 95% completion and then I forget about them. Sorry all!